Hey guys, I’m Princesse. I’m a French Medical Doctor currently working at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden.

Welcome to the site of this non-traditional med student who’s overly curious.

I started this site in the winter of 2020, hoping it could grow into an invaluable resource for anyone interested in a career in medicine and healthcare.

Back then I was still a student and I had a lot of questions (still do), and I thought maybe I could start publishing my own research and see if I could help others. Since then, the site’s grown!

About Scrubs Journey

ScrubsJourney.com is my medium to share tips on studying, time management, productivity, and personal growth.

Basically, if there was a question I had on my journey to becoming a Medical Doctor, I went ahead and wrote a blog post on it once I discovered the answers through my research. 

The topics of this site are broad. We cover:

  • Study advice
  • Medical school life
  • Med school preparation
  • Healthcare related questions
  • Reviews of med school related gear, equipment, resources etc.
  • Healthcare industry and business

And lots more!

By reading this you’re joining tens of thousands of readers who have found my website to help them on their journey.