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Emma Holliday

Emma Holliday High Yield Lectures

Emma Holliday High Yield is a reliable source of information structured by a series of 2 hours long videos that puts together all you need to know in order to become a good practitioner.
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Anki vs Quizlet Comparison

Best Flashcard Apps Comparison: Anki vs Quizlet

A debate remains on which is the best flashcard software: Anki vs Quizlet. Picking one was not an easy task for me, when each of them presents a lot of advantages. To help you decide which one will suit you best, here is a little comparison.
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Best Anki Add-ons

The 12 Best Anki Add-ons

If you follow my blog, you should know that I am a fan of spaced repetition and Anki. You must have already tried them, and if you didn’t, you should.
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Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve About Memory

Ebbinghaus Theory: The Forgetting Curve

Before opening your books or even trying to learn anything, you need to understand how memory works (otherwise, it wouldn’t be fun).
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Guide to Succeed in Medical School

How To Succeed in Medical School

By definition, medical school is stressful. You can also see it as the place that brings you the closest to your goal. Rather motivating said like that, right? Let’s end the chatter and get to the heart of the matter.
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How To Install Anki Add-ons

Tutorial: How To Add Anki Add-ons

In this post I will show you a Step-By-Step Tutorial on how to install Anki add-ons, to significantly improve your studying efficiency.
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