Anki Heatmap

Anki Heatmap Add-on Review

When it comes to staying focused on working with Anki, Review Heatmap is the perfect add-on! It will help you avoid procrastination.

What is Anki?

Anki, which means memorization in Japanese, is a free flashcard study tool that uses spaced repetition, a cognitive technique that has proven effective in acquiring an increased capacity to retain information, thus long term memory.

Released in 2006, this software uses one of the most powerful algorithms when it comes to spaced repetition: the SM2 algorithm. It is a program made in the ’80s and then modified to implement flashcards. The principle is simple; flashcards reappear depending on their age and your ability to answer your questions. So you can learn new concepts in record time and while having fun.

Anki offers different Add-ons. Among other things, they allow you to improve your experience on the software and help you fight against procrastination while optimizing your time and organizing yourself.

What is Anki Review Heatmap?

Review heatmap is a color-coded summary map that gives you an overview of your work during the time you were using Anki. This add-on gives you access to many features such as your daily card average, the number of days spent working as well as your current and longest streak.

The map is made of squares that give you information about the number of cards you have done on that particular day. The colors match the intensity of the work produced, so the darker the color, the more cards you have made.

Note that the gray squares correspond to days to future reviews and give you a prediction of the number of cards you will have to make that day.

Anki Heatmap Cards

You should know that even if you don’t download this add on at the moment you installed Anki, you will still be able to access all your data that Anki has collected during the time.

How To Install Heatmap Add-on For Anki?

Installing this Anki add-on is very easy. First download Anki Review Heatmap.

Once you have the file downloaded, double click on it, or if you have an older version of Anki click and drag the file to your Anki add-ons list. Restart Anki to enjoy your newly installed add-on.
If you would like a more detailed guide please check my previous article on how to install anki add ons.

How To Change The Color Of Heatmap In Anki?

With Review Heatmap add-on it is possible to change the color theme. You have 5 options available: lime, olive, pink, blue and orange.

If you proceed as following, you’ll be able to pass from one to another:

Step 1

From the menu > Select TOOLS > Review Heatmap option.

Anki Heatmap Options

Step 2

Select your favorite color scheme

Anki Heatmap Color Scheme

Step 3

Press “OK” and enjoy!

How to change the calendar mode?

Anki Review Heatmap gives you access to two type of calendar modes: yearly overview, which arranges your map per year and continuous timeline – much easier to use because it gives you an simple way to schedule your Anki sessions.

Anki Heatmap Calendar Mode

Final Words

It is important to know that for spaced repetition and therefore Anki to be effective, you have to do your cards every day. Anki Heatmap acts as a logbook.

It is a very nice add-on, which allows you to stay motivated by keeping your streaks. It gives you valuable information about your work and what you have to give to achieve it. It challenges you! Moreover, with Review Heatmap you can make forecasts of your DUE cards on your future reviews.

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Written by Dr. Muntu

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